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The Kallan Lodge Library establishes and maintains literature and music libraries for young people to access within Australia’s mental health facilities. 

A book or album discovered as an in-patient could stay with a person not just for the course of their initial treatment but well into their recovery and throughout the rest of their lives; no matter their future circumstance. 

Sadly, these types of resources are not prioritised within health funding so supply relies on the goodwill of the community or on staff, like occupational therapists, to source (sometimes as an out-of-pocket-expense). The result? Most of the stock within Australia’s mental health facilities isn’t tailored to the needs of the patients, and obtaining funding and safeguarding for appropriate content can delay access.

That’s where we come in - to fill our mental health facilities with these invaluable wellbeing resources; tailoring supply and stock rotation in consultation with partner facility staff.

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